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2011-01-04 Test with srcpd - Bugfixes

David Rütti has successfully tested the SRCP version with srcpd (SVN Version 1524). David, thanks a lot! The release includes the fixes of bugs which David has found: Link

A new rubric "XML configuration files" can be found in the users corner. There typical configurations for dedicated SRCP servers can be found and can be loaded to the eWicht.

2010-12-05 The new Release 1.1!

A busy year is over. A lot of feature requests, received by e-mail or on the Leipzig Fair, I have tried to put into this Release. Because of the great amount of new functions there are two development branches now: the SRCP branch and the Rocrail branch. Each branch is associated with a seperate hex file.

Common improvements:

The features of the first Rocrail implementation:

New features of the SRCP version:

Further infos to bug fixes and extensions are included as news file in the Release. Please read the new section firmware updates before updating!

2010-12-02 eWicht project page in an improved design.

Also new fotos of the second prototype are online.

2010-11-12 New SRCP servers!

New important SRCP servers are online:

That is a lot stuff for testing. I will post results in the following weeks. Helpers are very welcome!

2010-07-23 Configuration website for version 1.1 finished!

A lot of new features were brought to eWicht. Take a first look to the new completly reworked configuration website of an eWicht device.

2010-05-24 BonjourFoxy discovers eWicht

With the Firefox plugin BonjourFoxy the eWicht can be easily discovered in the network.

BonjourFoxy Example

2010-02-01 Bugfix-Release 1.0.7

The turbo encoder is completely disabled in this release.

There is also a Gallery with nice old pictures online.

2010-01-15 eWicht successfully testet at the embedded SRCP Server MBS1 from 7soft.

Thanks to Reimar Barnstorf for testing!

2009-11-30 Work on Version 1.0.7 canceled -> Started working for 1.1.

New major features:

2009-10-30 Started working for 1.0.7

October 2009 CRCF thoughts

I want to get a quick solution for eWicht with CRCF or so. The discussion on german drmb (usenet) to this topic seams to be quiet dead. Suggestion from drmb, to look at other OpenSource projects in the net like JMRI. I also have found RocRail - I like this project. Maybe there will be an eWicht with RocRail?

2009-10-02 - 2009-10-04 The eWicht on the "Modell Hobby Spiel" fair in Leipzig, Germany!

Some new suggestions for the project:

2009-09-04 The Version 1.0.6 is online.

2009-08-17 Started working for 1.0.6.

2009-08-09 The Version 1.0.5 is online.

2009-07-20 Started working for Version 1.0.5, here are some todos: