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Compatibility list SRCP Server

Would you like to test eWicht using your server? Or did you successfully test eWicht using another server? Send me an e-mail!

XML schema files for the eWicht configuration

Since version 1.1 the configuration can be stored as XML file and also can be restored from the file. I recommend to backup your configurations in case you doing a firmware update!

Here the schema files for generating or editing the XML schema files by yourselfs:

Uploads and downloads can be done via the eWicht web interface:

Webinterface file dialog

Example configuration files


The firmware is constantly under development. New features arrive and bugs will be fixed. The releases are published here as intel hex files:

Since Version 1.1 there is multi language support included. The whole eWicht menu and web interface is available in English, too.

Data migration from 1.0.X to 1.1.X

Very important: The internal EEPROM data representation has fundamentally changed. Therefore the old EEPROM set will be lost during an update from 1.0.X to 1.1.X.

Updates in operation mode (since Version 1.1)

The update is done with a PC via the network. The hex file should be stored to hard disk before. The file is transfered to the eWicht via tftp. For the update therefore a tftp client is needed. At the most operating systems such a client is included.

The file is transfered to eWicht with the PUT command. The eWicht is accessed via the current IP address or the network name. Example for a tftp command in a shell box under Windows:

tftp eW7C4000.local put "C:\eWicht.hex"

The eWicht goes into the update mode automatically and the file is transfered. A running transfer is indicated through the network activity LED, which is emitting for about 20 seconds. After the transfer has finished successfully the tftp client prints out that message:

Successfully transfered: 335139 bytes in 16 seconds, 20946 bytes/s

Updates in bootloader mode (all versions)

The bootloader mode is instantly active after power on. Pressing the power button leaves the bootloader and enters the operation mode. The active mode is indicated due the fast blinking network LED. In bootloader mode the eWicht has the fixed IP address Updating only works if this IP address is not already occupied. The updating process works analog to the update in operation mode.

Important: Only one eWicht is allowed to be in Bootloader mode when starting the update.


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