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Some nice pictures of development

The second eWicht version on a prototyping board.

eWicht R2.0
The first eWicht enclosure...

eWicht R2.0 eWicht R2.0
...and its contents

The first eWicht version on a prototyping board.

eWicht R1.0
This board hosts the very tiny PIC16F876. The TCP/IP Stack was written in Assembler. The processor was clocked with 20 MHz. IP, ARP and ICMP (ping) were supported and only one socket was supported at a time.

eWicht R1.0
The board hosted a rotary encoder, a two row 16 characters display and a socket for the ethernet prototyping board.

eWicht R1.0 eWicht R1.0
Here the CS8900 Ethernet board from Olimex can be seen.

eWicht R1.0
The processor is connected to the ethernet board and the display via a seperate latch due the lack of IO pins.