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Our github account hosts some Netzer related projects like mdns_browser and the ldmicro branch.

Ladder diagrams

  • ladder Article in Wikipedia.
  • LDMicro from Jonathan Westhues. This tool is used since version 1.5, for executing small ladder diagrams by Netzer.


  • Bonjour for Windows Bonjour service for Windows. Service for discovering (MDNS) Netzer and other devices in the network.
  • Avahi Bonjour for Linux.
  • DNS SD Bonjour Plugin for Firefox. For easy discovering Netzer in networks.
  • Wireshark The swiss knife of Ethernet protocol analyzers.
  • Playcap Simple replaying of Wireshark sniffs.
  • Hammer-Terminal A terminal program. Among other useful features, the program offers the possibility to send and receive characters in ASCII, decimal, hexadecimal or binary representation.
  • com0com Open source Null-modem emulator for Windows. com2tcp is included. It is for simple serial to socket communcication to access the remote Netzer serial port due virtual COM ports on PC side.
  • Hercules This terminal program can be used for tests on GPIO server or serial server.
  • PUTTY A further terminal program as an HyperTerminal alternative.

Netzer Projects

  • Sprinkler from Bart Eversdijk. Automatic control of a sprinkler.
  • NETraction from Daniel Nüsse. Controlling an LCD via Netzer.

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