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Netzer Playground extension boards

For the Netzer Playground some extension boards were developed:

Netzer Playground

The Netzer Playground enables quick development of circuits around the ethernet gateway Netzer from MoBaCon. Netzer is simply put into the prepared socket.

Netzer Eagle Libraries

For new Eagle projects Netzer in a library that is easy to use (Release of 2012-05-22):

Open (Eagle version 5.X)

Also included are footprints and schematic device for the extension port to develop own extension boards for the Playground.

Netzer Schematics

  • Eagle file (netzer.sch): Open
  • PDF (netzer_schematics.pdf): Open

Netzer Layout

  • Eagle file (netzer.brd): Open
  • PDF (Top layer): Open
  • PDF (Bottom layer, mirrored): Open
  • PDF (Parts, top layer): Open

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