Next software Version 1.7

Network protocols

  • SNTP Client (manual configurable via IP or network name - name resolve via DNS is needed). Display current time on the index page - Partly implemented

Process image

  • Map all states of the Netzer into a process image - Done.
  • Direct mapping of process image members (i.e. interconnection of pins).
  • Process image is accessible via HTTP
  • ModbusTCP server implementation


  • Activation of pins if a client is connected to GPIO or serial server (also inverted) → Is also done with the process image implementation.
  • Changeable GPIO names
  • Configure state of GPIO pin in power down mode - Done with process image


  • Configuration of an INT pin (one of the GPIOs) - Done with process image
  • Extending the procotol for reading out this INT pin - Done with process image
  • Further mode, where Netzer acts as I2C monitor and sniffes the I2C traffic and transfers it to the network (Done).

Serial Interface

  • Configurable parity bit (done).
  • Handshake (done).


  • Integration of the PIC watchdog.
  • Show the time since Netzer has been active (done)
  • Implement some python GUI programs for accessing Netzer


Extension boards for the breakout board

  • LCD board with Display (text or graphical), SD card, SRAM, EEPROM and Buzzer already under development
  • Dimmer board with two channel Triac dimmer, almost ready to run.
  • Domestic board with Relais, Triac dimmer, temperature and light sensor and 1-Wire-interface is also under development.
  • Interface board with RS485 and RS232 (complete) - not yet started.

Netzer 2:0

More of all! :) Not before end of 2015.

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