2017-04-04 - A new Netzer board revision is born!

After a long brake a first picture of the upcoming new Netzer release.

News from the Netzer (netwerker or networker if you like :) world

2015-01-06 - Release 1.6

Happy New Year!

Since 2015 Netzers can only purchased via our distributors.

The new Release 1.6 is published and now only available for Pro resp. Standard customers anymore. Precondition is a Netzer with installed Bootloader 4. Netzer with bootloader 2 are not longer supported.

New features in those release:

You can get the firmware in the new download section.

2014-11-11 - MDNS browser tool

For easier Netzer discovery a python based GUI tool was developed. It lists all devices with running HTTP service which are published via MDNS. For more informations go to the Getting started section.

2014-01-04 - Release base version 1.5

A lot of wiki pages were reworked or created.

Here you get the download.

2013-03-01 - New Wiki articles

After a short break we have created some new articles or extended some existing. Reasons are some user feedbacks and of course the coming soon Release 1.5:

2012-07-13 - Connection problems with Fritz-Box 7330/7390

Because of a non IEEE conform pin assignment of the RJ45 socket of this Fritz boxes Netzer can NOT directly be connected to this boxes.

Solution: An indirect connection via switch or hub works.


The I2C expansion board for Roboternetz and C-Control boards is ready.


Manel Márquez Salas has translated the Netzer firmware release 1.4 string tables into Spanish!

February 2012 New distributor Elektronikladen | ELMICRO

ELMICRO Logo We have got prominent and friendly support and also a new Netzer source.

December 2011 Release 1.4 bugfix and pro license in shop

Since this month Netzer pro licenses are shipped and Netzer with preinstalled base and pro version are sold in the shop.

Please have a look in our shop!

Also we have fixed some bugs in pro and base version as well. You can download the latest base version here. And on the history page you can see what has changed.

2011-10-21 Release 1.4 base version is online!

The new version brings some improvements in handling and processing speed. Also there are some bug fixes included. See the Release-Notes for more details. The binary can be found here.

The “Pro” version will be available in a few days.

2011-10-18 Netzer mailing list start up

Since last week there is a news group online for discussing problems and suggestions regarding Netzer. More infos you can find here.

2011-07-01 Networker Breakout Board ready to run

Netzer Breakout board

The design and bill of materials are finished. Visit the online shop for ordering PCB and assembly kit. First deliveries will take place from 2011-07-10.

2011-04-25 Bugfix III

Problem with resetting the serial parameters to factory settings fixed. Also a very bad bug was fixed which leads to a completely broken SPI (master and slave) interface. Thanks goes to Cyrille Hasdenteufel for the bug report. Download the update here.

2011-04-13 Next Bugfix Release

Values to place holder 'x' of the GPIO server were completely misinterpreted. Download the update here. Thanks goes to Norbert Kollek for the bug report.

2011-03-15 Bugfix Release

  • Wrong setting in the Netzer oscillator generates completely wrong frequencies at all serial interfaces.
  • Problems while obtaining the IP address via DHCP at some DHCP servers.

Download the update here. Thanks goes to Michael Dekker and the ARCHE Systeme GmbH for the bug report.

2011-02-28 New Netzer arrived

Netzer wait in stock

Here we go to the loading platform.

2011-02-22 Release 1.3

Most important new feature is the authorization module. Only authorized users can access the Netzer websites. Also there are some bugfixes and small enhancements (see the release notes). The hexfile can be downloaded from here.

Please consider the notes about Access control.

2011-01-31 Problems with firmware updates on the Elektor Netzer

The second charge of the Elektor Netzer were flashed with incorrect firmware. Firmware updates are not possible! Get a solution in the FAQ rubric.

2011-01-08 Release 1.2 online

This Release supports the I2C bus. Netzer acts as I2C Master, slave accesses like Read, Write and Write/Read are supported. The clock rates 100 kHz and 400 kHz can be set via the Netzer web interface.

Thanks goes to Fa. Hygrosens Instruments GmbH for the friendly implementation support.

2011-01-07 Netzer as Eagle library!

On the hardware pages the ready to use Eagle library for download is available.

December 2010 Netzer in Elektor!

The article discusses the base functionality of Netzer. Here is the link to the project: Link

2010-11-02 Version 1.1 Released

The fundamental functionalities (GPIO, UART, SPI Master, SPI Slave) are completely implemented. Just in time for the Elektor article…

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