Access control

Since Version 1.3 a Networker web access must be authorized with username and password.

Since version 1.4 the feature is included in the pro versions only.

It is differentiated between three different user accounts:

  • Administrator (Standard username: admin, Password: admin). This user is allowed to do everything (including user administration). This account cannot be deactivated.
  • User (Standard username: user, Password: user). This user has read only access to the start page; blinking, restarting and shutting down Networker is also allowed. Also the GPIO page can be accessed, control of IOs is possible, but not the direction. This account can be deactivated by the administrator.
  • Guest (Standard username: guest, Password: guest) Guest has only access to the start and GPIO pages by reading. This account can be deactivated by the administrator.

Do not forget to alter usernames and passwords in the user administration dialog!

Usernames and password can be up to 8 characters long. An empty password disables the account.

The base HTTP authentification is used. If you want to connect your Netzer with Internet you should notice:

All usernames and passwords are transmitted as base64. That is in fact plain text!

Closing the browser automatically logs off.

Project specific usage

The credentials introduced here are valid fopr all web pages delivered by Netzer. Additionally these credentials can be used for project specific access:

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