I2C Extension board for Netzer Playground

The I2C-Extension board was developed for Netzer Playground. The Ethernet gateway Netzer can be connected to addon boards from the German community platform Roboternetz or C-Control from Conrad. There are a lot of new possibilities for Netzer like connecting displays or 1-wire modules.

Roboternetz boards

Roboternetz (RN) has published a standard some time ago. They standardized frequently used interfaces in the embedded world: The RN definitions (only in German). Among this interface are i.e. SPI or I2C.

In particular the I2C socket is often present on RN boards and thats why was chosen as one of the two interfaces on the extension board.

The following tabel presents RN boards, which are qualified for Netzer connect:

Board name Function Tested
RN-DIGI Big I2C digital display No
RN-KeyLCD A compact universal LCD and keyboard with various interfaces. No
RN-Schrittmotor Controls stepper motors via I2C, RS232, clock No

C-Control boards

The German electronic distributor Conrad has developed the platform (C-Control). Among controller boards also a huge offering of accessory boards. Often the I2C is used as peripheral bus - and therefore can connected to the Netzer extension.

The following tabel presents boards, which are qualified for Netzer connect:


I2C Extension Schematic

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