Reset to factory settings

The factory settings

The factory settings are:

  • IP mode is set to “automatic” (DHCP)
  • Manual IP address is set to
  • Manual subnet mask is set to
  • Manual gateway is set to
  • Language of the webinterface is English.
  • Network name (.local domain) is set to neXXYYZZ. XXYYZZ are the last three bytes of the MAC address.
  • Username and password of the adminstrator will be reset to admin and admin.
  • Username and password of the normal user will be reset to user and user.
  • Username and password of the guest will be reset to guest and guest.

Further settings depend on the project. Read more about them at the appropriate project pages.

Reset to factory settings at Netzer

Usually the Netzer can be reset to factory settings via the start page of the webinterface. If the administrator password is lost or the IP settings are wrong, Networker can no longer be configured or updated. In that case the Netzer configuration can be reset to factory settings directly at the Netzer hardware.

Releases older than 1.5

The PGD pad should be pulled down with a resistor (1K) to ground during a Netzer restart.

As soon as Netzer “hangs” (meaning does nothing) the installed resistor must be removed. If Networker starts flashing the network jack LEDs the reset was successful. Afterwards a restart is performed.

Release 1.5

Reset to factory settings with resistor is no longer supported.

For resetting to factory settings the erase_eeprom project is uploaded via TFTP, like described here.

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